Friday, November 24, 2017

The Night ZooKepper

1)Tom rivers is 12 years old it is young

2)Tom rivers has floppy hair that is brown

3)Tom river has lots of freckles on his cheeks

4)Tom river is not a fan of vegetable soup bullies and spiders and they are robots

5)When tom was six years old he drew a picture of sam the spying giraffe

6)Did you know that tom rivers like Animals that are not robots

7) Tom rivers has a teleporting torch and a magical imagination to create sam  

8) Sam likes playing hide and seek

9) Sam the spying giraffe can turn invisible to fight  

10) As Tom was growing up his gramma told him about the night zoo and now he works there at the night zoo

11) Sam does not like standing still on the ground

12) Sam is great spy even though he is a griffe  

13) If you go onto the last video at the last bit there is a cool song about the story

14) Tom has a golden elephant on his hat and shirt and that is his uniform

15) Sam the spying griffe
a purple elephant
a red seal
A pink ostrich
a blue bear
Tom rivers
And a penguin professor.

16) there is a villian in the story he was wearing a black coat grey mask
And and grey glaves

17)That guy de cleared war and and then they fighted

18) Did you know that tom river lives in the night zoo

19) Did you know that Sam lives in the waterfly woods  

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