Friday, November 24, 2017

The Night ZooKepper

1)Tom rivers is 12 years old it is young

2)Tom rivers has floppy hair that is brown

3)Tom river has lots of freckles on his cheeks

4)Tom river is not a fan of vegetable soup bullies and spiders and they are robots

5)When tom was six years old he drew a picture of sam the spying giraffe

6)Did you know that tom rivers like Animals that are not robots

7) Tom rivers has a teleporting torch and a magical imagination to create sam  

8) Sam likes playing hide and seek

9) Sam the spying giraffe can turn invisible to fight  

10) As Tom was growing up his gramma told him about the night zoo and now he works there at the night zoo

11) Sam does not like standing still on the ground

12) Sam is great spy even though he is a griffe  

13) If you go onto the last video at the last bit there is a cool song about the story

14) Tom has a golden elephant on his hat and shirt and that is his uniform

15) Sam the spying griffe
a purple elephant
a red seal
A pink ostrich
a blue bear
Tom rivers
And a penguin professor.

16) there is a villian in the story he was wearing a black coat grey mask
And and grey glaves

17)That guy de cleared war and and then they fighted

18) Did you know that tom river lives in the night zoo

19) Did you know that Sam lives in the waterfly woods  

Friday, September 22, 2017

why you should look after the Environment

Why you should look after the Environment

If we don’t look after the environment we won’t be able to ride motorbikes, go swimming or have a water fight.

  1. You won’t be able to ride your motorbike
  2. You won’t be able to go swimming
  3. And you won’t be able to have a water fight

If you don’t look after the environment you will have no room to play your favorite games! Like Boogy Boogy Nana and Farmer Farmer. And did you know that every time you ride your motorbike you pollute the air since carbon dioxide comes out of the exhaust pipe? Did you know that the city pollute the farm’s and then when other people come to the city blames it on the farmers and then the farmers blame it on the city but do you know who’s Fault it is? It is everybody.

Monday, September 18, 2017

harold writing


We went in space and we went to a planet and on that planet, everyone was the same they ate splog. that was all they eat morning, lunch, and dinner,. They did not think  they had
To listen to the king's rules if they did not linen to the
Rules the parents would go to jail
And they put us in a palatal but we made it out if we did not make it we would all have to be the same but we made it and awe while ago we did this rim it’s our personality
It’s the way we think,it’s the way we feel,it’s the way we act,it’s the things we like to Do.

I need to improve on lisenin.

Friday, September 15, 2017

I was not here

I was not here
I was not at school because I was struggling to breathe. So now I have a liquid, not just any liquid
a liquid that helps people to breathe. Made from the water.

The outside of the bottle it can change into red green and blue I think my mum got the liquid from the Pharmacy. Talking about the liquid how to make it you have some warm water and droplets and it’s done. It made me feel weird. But now it doesn't feel weird it feels nominal. And the day of the week was… Wednesday.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Duck Creek

Duck Creek

I and all of my class went down to Duck Creek and looked for invertebrates and I caught lots of invertebrates and the biggest one. I was the first one to catch a Dobsonfly. The water is clean and healthy. I would say out of a,b,c,d I say it’s like very clean and healthy.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Riparian Planting

WALT write an information report.

Riparian planting
Did you know that poo and wee are nutrients for the grass and plants?
Beside it, you can plant trees, bushes, flacks bushes, grass, and flours

You have to build a fence around the water way so the animals don’t get in.

You can have it anywhere you can have it in towns farms and cities.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

THE Water Cycle

The Water Cycle
The water cycle this the sun comes up to the sea and heats it up and comes up in a lipid and form clouds. It gets heavier and the water vapor turns into little drop list. When from in the clouds it rains snow hail rain and sleet.
Evaporation is when the sun comes up to the sea and heats it up and comes up in a lipid and makes clouds.

Condensation is when water vapor turns into little drop list.

Precipitation is when from the clouds it rains snow hail rain and sleet.

The West Coast gets more rain than Christchurch we get more water than Christchurch saints the clouds come over Hokitika 1st and Christchurch is last but we never ever get more or less water.